AT&T Reinvigorated

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Holistic mobile services for content delivery.

Project Brief:
Time: 9 Weeks | Work Force: 12 Designers
Role: Research, Data Analysis, Visual Production,
Design of New Services, Project Management


The goal of this project was to holistically reimagine the service that a mobile voice and data provider offers to its customers. To achieve this, we went through a process of research, synthesis, exploration, and concept development that focused on the experiences associated with being an AT&T subscriber.

Tools Used

We unleashed a broad range of tools for this project. Starting with research we used cultural probes, and participant observation. Based on this user research we developed a set of user personas which helped guide our design process. During our analysis of the current AT&T systems we used customer life-cycle graphs, service blueprints, participatory scenarios, service ecology maps, customer journey graphs, and physical flow models to gain a rich understanding of the current AT&T service experience.

Primary Research

We created and distributed a cultural probe with the focus of understanding how people were using their wireless phone and data services, with a secondary focus of gathering lifestyle and context information on wireless use.


Based on the data gathered from our cultural probes and secondary research we created four personas to aid in the design process. The four personas were modeled after the use of a young teen, mother, basic user, and power user, which is displayed here.


After gathering all of our data from research and experience prototyping we synthesized it into various models and graphs. Two visualizations, the customer life-cycle and service ecology in particular, stood out and provided us with a clear understanding of design opportunities and solutions.

Experience prototyping

After gathering information on user and employee experiences during the processes of buying a new phone, replacing a phone, and canceling a plan we blueprinted and acted out various scenarios in these areas to gain a better understanding of the employee’s and customer’s experiences.

New services

After synthesizing our research, we developed a comprehensive list of possible design opportunities. Our solutions were created by combining ideas that overlapped the most and fit within our over-arching vision for AT&T. As a whole, our changes to AT&T’s overall service sought to shift priorities away from individual devices and segregated service offerings and instead put the spotlight on customer content. Access to the customer’s account lives above the phone level and many new touchpoints can tap into the individual’s “number” and fill the gaps we’ve identified within our research.

Our values for redesign were unity and accessibility. They portray themselves through most of the considerations in our new and revised touchpoints. We’ve tied together and provided a reliable access method for all customer content with our idea of the AT&T Communication Hub.

AT&T Home Server

We’ve created seamlessness between the entertainment and communication environments within the customer’s home with our idea of the AT&T Home Server. The AT&T Home Server allows users to access and control their AT&T Communication Hub, personal media library, and home entertainment system all through the tablet component of the AT&T Home Server.

In-store Kiosk

We’ve also cut cycle time within in-store purchasing processes and support activities by better connecting each and every relevant step in the service journey. By focusing on reducing tension points within our customer life-cycle map, we’ve also developed ideas based around encouraging exploration within AT&T’s offerings, creating a more transparent overview of the customer’s position within AT&T, and acknowledging customer loyalty through a rewards service. With all of our solutions combined, we’ve created a vision for a new AT&T that differentiates itself from the competition, creates new offerings that combine AT&T’s services with other customer needs, provides customers with a larger AT&T presence within their daily lives, takes strain off of cell tower infrastructure while increasing customer connectivity, and provides new market opportunities for the company.

What this project means to me

This project is a great example of how new and redesigned services can enhance the customer’s experience and the businesses’ differentiating qualities while not increasing load on infrastructure. This project also highlights how service design can be used to provide new sources of revenue, providing the business with possible new business directions.

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