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Providing travelers in-airport navigation, service information, and flight updates.

Project Brief
Time: 10 Weeks | Work Force: Solo
Role:  You name, it I did it.

To create a new service from the viewpoint of service management and business while maintaining UCD princapals.

Tools Used
For this project I worked from the starting point of business and moving toward design methods. The project started with market analysis to find opportunity areas then on to investor pitches, organizational plans, business roadmaps, business strategy, finical projections, concept testing, experience prototyping, ad storyboarding, video production, and business plan generation.

Market Research
Unlike previous projects that started with user research the development of Trippe started with market analysis of the travel sector to find opportunity areas. There was found to be a  shift in the travel market toward leisure travel and an explosion of smart phone use while traveling.

Concept pitch
Based on the opportunity areas found during market analysis I settled on creating a service for in airport navigation and time management.

I created a business pitch for my new service which I presented to Garry Tan (founder of and one of Inc. Magazines top 30 entrepreneurs under 30). He loved the concept and though I could take the pitch to VCs for funding as is. Though I haven’t sought VC funding I did use some Garry’s contacts to determine feasibility and potential tech hurdles.

Development Roadmap
The next phase in this project was to further out how this service was going to be developed managed and grown.

I created a business roadmap to help me develop and refine not only the plan for how I would create Trippe but also how the organizational model would change over time, how and when Trippe would bring new offerings to the market, what funding we would need, when investors could expect to see a return, and future finical projections.

View PDF of Roadmap

Co-design & concept testing
Following the business planning phase I started to concept and UX testing of Trippe.

Co-design was facilitated through a rapidly generated board game where users would beat the clock while navigating an airport and its services. This provided insight in to the information that users would need and how it might be displayed.

Once I had gathered insights from co-design I progressed on to in-context concept testing at the Savannah Airport. I created a clickable prototype that could be run on an iPhone for this round of testing which allowed users to hold the device in their hand and use the device in a realistic manner so I could get closer to the final experience of using Trippe.

UX Testing
In response to the first round of testing I made refinements to the design that included new methods of entry for flight information as well as adding information on flight and plane status that the test participant requested.

The second round of testing was conducted at Philadelphia Airport while traveling to a conference. This allowed me to have people truly test Trippe while they traversed the airport. I found that though the interface functioned well and users found Trippe useful, they referred to flight and gate information multiple times while navigating. This insight lead me to believe that a dashboard interface would be a better fit for how people naturally used the app.

GUI Redesign
I changed the GUI of Trippe to reflect the findings from testing and to allow user to quickly open the App and check to see if anything had changed in regards to their flight.

The new interface utilizes a dashboard theme that contains flight and time information as well as navigation and airport service options. The information is color coded so as travelers run out of free time or if a fight gets delayed there is a secondary level of reinforcement for these pressing matters.

Ad & Business plan
One of the two final deliverables I produced was a business plan for Trippe which was designed to communicate the Trippe concept to the business world and show due diligence in research and planning. An additional piece of the final deliverable was a short 65 second ad that showcases the value proposition to users and demonstrated the use if Trippe(top of page).

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  1. Jarkko Jussila
    April 18, 2011

    Hi Nick!
    Is the Trippe app possible to download from somewhere to test and see ?

    Jarkko Jussila

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