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Fresh produce, clean dishes, striking form.

Project Brief
Time: 4 Weeks | Work Force: Solo Project
Role: You name it I did it

This project was an exploration of the language of form as it pertains to the design of products, in this case a dish-soap container. The goal of the project was to design a dish-soap dispenser that exemplified either “proud” or “flow” in its physical form, as well as being beautiful to behold.

The constraints of the project were as follows; the piece had to have a reasonable chance of being functional in the real world, the piece had to contain a hollow roto-molded form for holding the dish soap, and the piece had to be a visually pleasing form.

The design process started with research and exploration into the characteristic of both “proud” and “flow” forms. Research was also conducted on color symbolism around the world and on current products in the dish soap market. After the research phase, the project moved to the development of product form, starting with a round of two hundred concepts.

Ten designs were chosen to be carried forward to the second round of ideation, where one hundred variations of the chosen ten were explored. After this second round of 2D concepts, 3D sketch models were made to discover if the forms continued to function when rendered in 3D.

I created CAD models to explore color and materials, as well as prepare for the production of the final model by creating highly accurate orthographics to work from.

Final Design
The original concept for Fresh was to take the dish-soap container that everyone has in their kitchen and give it improved usability.

But the concept extends far beyond finding a better way to dispense soap; it has evolved into a product that grows fresh produce right in your kitchen. Fresh has a growing container incorporated into the top of the unit giving the user the ability to grow fresh wheat grass, barley grass, and sprouts right on their kitchen counter. This ability gives the user the opportunity to have the freshest ingredients possible for salads smoothies and the like. Fresh provides this service while maintaining a clean contemporary look, this gives Fresh the potential to expand the grow-it-yourself movement into settings and demographics where traditional methods for growing produce would look out of place or unsightly.

What this project means to me
The essence of this project was an exorcize in visual language. However, I have turned it in to an opportunity to push the boundaries of the project and the boundaries of role a dish soap dispenser can play in the home.

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